First Time I Saw Paris

French yells, frightened faces, and vigorous whistle blowing as I scramble to grab my luggage. I had not one clue, as to what anyone around me was saying. Should I leave the train station or should I stick around to figure out what was going on? As the French military ran by with their AK 47’s and other officers right behind, I began to freak out what was going on throughout the train station. I approached a French officer and had asked what was going on. The French officer had explained to me that we needed to evacuate the train station quickly and right away because there was a suspicious package sitting by us. After about 20 minutes of waiting in the cold with hundreds of others, we were finally “cleared” to go back inside the train station. It made me realize how unorganized the French policing system is compared to the United States. From that point on, I knew my adventure was going to be spontaneous.

I thought to myself in the metro, “wow we must be back in East Los Angeles.” Graffiti all over the walls, trash thrown throughout the grounds, and even people coming up to me on the metro begging for money. I did not expect Paris to look so dirty on my first metro ride in. I was expecting Paris to look glamorous. However, that part of Paris was just not a good area compared to other areas around. As I slowly stepped out of the metro, I could not believe how beautiful Paris was. Cobble stone streets, beautiful buildings, and even attractive French guys. Reality had hit me, Paris was really what people had said it was like. Paris looked wonderful and I could not wait to explore the beautiful city.

As I walked up to our new apartment door, I was struggling to figure out how to open the door. I asked a couple of French guys to help me out, hoping I can chat them up but they could not help me out. I finally opened the outside door and once again struggled to open the door to my apartment. I began going door to door asking for help but not many people understood English. After going to four doors, a nice lady had showed me how to open the door. When I opened the door, I was so happy to see how clean and modern our apartment was. Despite the washer being in the bathroom and different electricity, I liked the nontraditional look that I was not use to living in. I could not wait to sleep after the long journey of getting to France. Before I could sleep I needed to go get some food next door in order to survive the next few weeks.

My roommates and I shuffled down to the market next door to us to find some food. Our first trip to the market was quite the interesting trip. We were not use to such interesting choices of food they had on their shelves or even the drinks. However, we threw a bunch of food in our baskets and headed to check out. I look over and an older guy was staring at me and started speaking French to me. I said, “umm, what I only speak English sir.” He then proceeded to tell me that my eyes were very beaming and I was cute. I tried very hard not to laugh and as he left the store, he turned around and blew me a kiss. “Wow,” that sure was one interesting day for my first time in Paris and my next adventure had begun.



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