The First Time I Saw Paris

The first time I saw Paris I got to experience the metro heading to school for the first time in a new city. Waking up in Paris I was ready for the day with my beanie, gloves and many layers on. Once stepping out of my apartment I felt the cold burst of air hit me and realized that the next 3 weeks were going to be much colder than anything I had ever experienced before. It took me a minute for my body to warm up to this new normal. While walking along the street to the metro stop there wasn’t as many people or cars out as I’m used to back home. Whenever I go to school I’m always fighting traffic and in a rush to find a close parking spot for class. This was a completely different way to go to school and it was already easier.

As I entered the station everyone was moving very quickly around me as I made my way to enter the doors. The metro was a very new experience for me as I had never really used public transportation prior to heading on line 6 to go to school. For someone with limited experience with this type of transportation it’s quite a task to figure out which metro needed to be taken in order to go in the right direction. While figuring out the map I realized I didn’t need to just go in the correct direction but also switch metros which is quite intimidating for a beginner. Everyone around me already seemed like pros and jumped on the metro already ready for the day ahead.

Once on the metro that was my time to take a look at those around me, true Parisians. All was quiet and everyone seemed just as they would be doing this everyday as a daily routine. Some seemed tired while others read books. Mostly everyone wore neutral color and large warm coats to cover up from the cool winter air outside. This time gave me a chance to take in what I could imagine of these individual’s lives. They are the people that live in Paris all the time and have quite a different life than I do. Some were dressed up on their way to work while others had their kids on their way to school. Even though the metro and everything around them was moving fast they all seemed to take a little break while waiting for their next stop. It looked as though this was the time they had to to themselves before going into the next part of their day which might include work, school or errands.

Once the metro stopped everyone was up and ready to exit if it was their stop. While transferring between metros walking in the corridors far underground I saw individuals going in all different directions trying to reach different parts of Paris. Once figuring out which line to switch to and stepping on I waited to exit at my stop. I was excited to finally reach my stop and know that I had successfully used the Paris metro system. Once leaving the metro I came up from the stop and saw Hotel de Ville which is absolutely beautiful in the morning. Now every day I go to school I leave that metro stop and it’s the first thing I see to start my day!


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