When I First Saw Paris

Cobblestone roads, French written signs, 19th century architecture, are the aspects that I saw as I was both driving from the airport and walking around Paris for the first time  I suppose people have this essence of expectation that relies heavily upon the stereotypical movies.884048B8-EF51-4C91-8438-D459853C4025.jpg

Either it is a glamourous beautiful city that sparkles with glitter and diamonds in the night or it is a romantic city that gleans with the expectation of love.

As I walked the streets and acted like a local, I found myself seeing the reality of Paris beautifully surpassing the expectations of any childhood memory I possess. I believe, however, that the reality of Paris gives a genuine atmosphere and perception. French men and women commuting to and from their work, school, or errands. Trash and sewage running down the roads. Refugees and homeless attempting to find their lives along the streets. The overall experience of reality is a surreal moment. The city is almost expected to be a utopian society due to the amount of publicity that Paris illustrates to others in the world. Movies and books illustrate the roads and buildings of the city as though it is made of gold and silver. An over glorified city is not what it is, but it is a city that focuses on the natural. Buildings are not stripped down to its core but are well kept. Women focus on the natural look rather than a powdered face. Men focus on being clean rather than a manly gorilla. Fashions are kept at a neutral color scheme rather than the colors of a neon sign. When I first saw Paris, I saw this natural beauty and understood why many others longed to come this over publicized city. It’s genuine old time look gives an atmosphere and essence of true beauty. It’s realistic aspects such as policemen, homeless men, and working men, make up what a city is meant to be.

The entirety of Paris exudes this artistic atmosphere that is baked in the air. From the beautiful architectures to the simple locals, every aspect of Paris truly brings that sense of glamor. The old natural beauty draws audiences, locals, and tourists to truly feel inspired. I can see why many writers from all over come to Paris. The city holds this alluring inspiration that captures the eyes of many due to its genuine look.  As I walked the streets of Paris for the first time, I felt an odd sense of coming home, coming to a place where it felt right to be there. It is almost as though this glamorous and sparkling city became the correct fit for me. French locals walking around speaking and signs saying “cafe” brought home to me. Learning French for six years and french culture and history for my entire life has not paid off but made me realize where my heart lies as I walked through the streets of Paris. This is the first time I walked through Paris, but this isn’t the last.


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