Food and Notre Dame

One of the most important things to do in Paris is explore! You can do all the touristy things and you will because Paris is a beautiful city however you can stray away from that do things the Parisian way. Near your new home in Paris find the busy streets or center of your arrondissement. Here you will find the locals on their daily tasks eating and buying groceries. Look for a restaurant of the food that you are craving and try it! I did this on my trip in Paris and it was a great experience not only eating but also ordering food. The food I had was Chinese and it was really good. The noodles and the meat tasted fresh and healthy. The language barriers you encounter will be a lot of fun as well as you try to decode French with your friends. The food in Paris is really good so finding a bad restaurant is difficult. On your stay you must try the escargot, French onion soup, and macaroons. As a student studying abroad in France every expense you adds up. I recommend that you definitely have a nice “fancy” meal this depending on the place can be around $35. A nice place is Les Deux Maggots. It is very cozy and they understand English. It also has a lot of history to it if you are an avid reader, many famous writers have eat here. For cheap everyday food look for boulangeries although they mostly sell bread you can find a lot of boulangeries that sell very good chicken sandwiches for around $5, this is very common throughout the city. Kebab places in France are also very popular and very cheap. If you are a CSUF student taking classes at the CEA center in Paris or anyone else visiting there is a really good kebab place across the street from Le Marais shopping mall. They have kebabs which are meat sandwich’s that come with french fries for $6.

Besides the food one place I highly recommend is visiting Notre Dame. The building its self as you look to it is majestic. The front of the building is lined with saints that decorate the entrance and the doors. From the very beginning as you walk in you see how artistic it is. As you may know Notre Dame has much history however it is the first view from the outside that catches your attention. As you walk in through the cute story the first thing you see is it’s majestic ceilings. The ceilings arch towards the center and they are very tall. It is also breathtaking standing at the front and looking straight down to the other end. It’s tall beautifully sculpted columns makes you wonder how this was all built. And then there is the top of the Notre Dame where you can go up the stairs and see the whole city. A tip go early because they close around 5 PM and there is a lot of people waiting in line sometimes usually around noon it’s not as busy.


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