The Streets Within Montmartre And The Moulin Rouge

Abandoned and quite as James Thurber glances down the streets of Montmartre. Not many souls were walking down the streets as he roams the city. He seems to describe the streets as, “down and out for good.”  However, “New Year’s Eve of 1918 had sparked up the streets. James described the streets of Montmartre and Moulin Rouge to be gaily crowded and beginning to function once again” (p. 524).

As I step off the metro into the streets of Montmartre, I see nothing but crowds of people. Rain pouring down and crowds of people surround the metro as I adventure off to the Montmartre. In comparison to James Thurber, I came across hundreds of people throughout the streets. It seemed to be a high point of interest for tourists. As I made my way to the top of Montmartre, I was caught by surprise to be grabbed by a random African American man. I turned around and said, “excuse me, let go.” Despite the fact that I even pretended to be an Italian woman, the man seemed to not leave me alone. He repetitively told me not to be sacred and was trying wrap a string around my arm. I even thought about brining out my defense moves if he did not let go. The man eventually let go of my arm and I scattered to the top of Montmartre. I could not believe my eyes as to how beautiful the city of Paris was and how crowded the streets were. Not even the rain or cold weather stopped the Parisians from visiting the Montmartre. I pushed my way through the crowds and off to the Moulin Rouge I went.

I felt like I was on the strip of Las Vegas: strip clubs, sex shops for women, porno stores, sex toys, and even sexy lingerie shops. Surprisingly, many tourists had filled the streets by the Moulin Rouge. My Italian identity seemed not to be working for me because I attracted more and more Parisians. Left and right I was being asked if I wanted to try out the sex toys or even to be entertained with the nude live shows. I was shocked on how people would just come up to me and ask me such personal things as I walked down the streets of the Moulin Rouge. Once I reached the Moulin Rouge there were still crowds of people throughout the streets. However, the Moulin Rouge is a famous tourist spot that attracts hundreds of people every year. Despite the fact that the street is lined up with sex attire and live strip shows, it seems to crowd the streets with tourists.

No matter what street you travel down in Paris, it seems to be crowded with tourists. I look left then right and I take in the beauty of it all. Running streams of water, crowds of Parisians, and busy streets. The streets of Montmartre and Moulin Rouge run wild with busy streets, amazing views of the city, and even sex shops.




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