Living Within Paris

As you look down the streets of Paris, the buildings seem to look old fashion and bunched together. The buildings have a uniform style throughout the city. All the flats, which are known to be as apartments in the United States, seem to look similar and not many people in France have “houses” like us Americans. In comparison to the United States, you see more of modernized houses and different styles of houses.  The looks of Paris buildings on the outside are deceiving.

Puzzled by the strange shark looking locks on the French doors. As you start to fidget with the unusual key, frustration begins to kick in. When in doubt, start to push and pull on the door and it might just open up. Back in the states, it only takes one simple turn and push to open the door. Once you open the French doors it’s a whole new world.

Doors open up and you walk into an elegant flat, yet very different from an American home. Surprisingly, you would think the flat would have an electric heating system throughout the flat but most only have radiators or heating fans that don’t circulate throughout the whole flat. From my experiences here, I suggest you bundle up very well if you visit during winter or even bring a mini heater because the weather is different from California’s weather. On the other hand, during spring time you can open the French windows and enjoy the warm weather. Now that I have experienced this different world of weather and heating systems, I must say I am lucky to live in California.

Just throw your clothes in the washer and dryer with no problem back in the states but think again in Paris. Interesting enough the flat does not have a washing room compared to the states, you can find the washing machine in the bathroom. However, you will not find a drying machine so be prepared to hang dry your clothes. You will also find a small shower, which back in the states we are use to having big showers and bath tubs.

Whether it be flushing down the toilet or turning on the kitchen faucet, the water in Paris is much cleaner than the United States. Don’t be alarmed when you see someone drinking water from the kitchen faucet because all the water systems run through the same pipes and the Parisians don’t mind drinking out of the kitchen faucet or the bathroom sink. Shockingly enough Paris does not have garbage disposals, so they must throw everything away in separate trash cans. Overall, the Parisians have a more modernized interior design throughout their flats. Crystal chandeliers hanging above, wooden floors, crown molding ceilings, and even big wooden windows to look outside.

When comparing Paris to the United States, each country has their different living styles. From flats to houses and drying machines to hang drying clothes. You must adapt to a different culture once you arrive and it can be a challenging task to overcome and adapt to but it can be done.




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