I got Fined on the Metro


The title is true, I, unfortunately, was fined for not having a photo of myself on my metro card. Then not paying the fine at the moment due to the authority’s credit card device malfunctioning on them, making myself pay double than what I needed to pay for originally. That day was difficult. The first thing I learned from the metro, is to let the RATP employee set up the metro card rather than figuring it out alone. The fine, in general, made me realize many aspects of the Parisian culture, one of them being the metro. The public transportation system within Paris is an elaborate and efficient system that allows the majority of the population to utilize at their convenience without a car. Coming from Orange Country, where the majority of the population drive cars, Paris’ metro system was different and difficult to acclimate to. The entire system, however, can become easy, once conquered.


First, the metro tickets, these are single tickets that are easily found along the streets of Paris. These tickets possess the ability to take anyone anywhere in Paris, as long as it is one way and within the metro only. Each ticket will cost about two euros for one ticket. I believe that these metro tickets are perfect for single day travels, for instance, a one time stop to the Eiffel Tower would be handy. Tickets can also be used unlimitedly on the weekend, if under the age of twenty-six. Additionally, there is a complete difference in tickets if going to places such as Disneyland Paris or Versailles. Those are RER tickets, which require a special ticket and there is a fine if not using the correct one. Parisians who utilize the metro on the daily, do not use these. Instead, Parisiens use the metro card which brings me to my second point, the metro card.


My own metro card experience was both a frustrating and efficient way of travel. The experience was frustrating because I was fined, yet efficient due to the unlimited ways and places one can go. The card itself costs five euros and to recharge it costs about twenty-five euros per week in total will cost about thirty euros. Now, thirty euros sounds expensive, however, putting the cost of a taxi or uber, a single one-way ticket, and walking, all together, the metro card is the most cost efficient. An uber or taxi will cost about ten dollars for a one-way stop. A single one-way ticket costs about two euros. Collecting those ways of going around in Paris, the cost of using an uber and a single ticket is less cost efficient than a purchasing metro card for a week. The metro is truly the most efficient way to travel around in Paris.


Anyone traveling for more than a few days should purchase the card. For me, I traveled around all of Paris within one day using that card. It is the most cost efficient and the least tiring way to travel around. The card brings less of a headache trying to plan out an uber or strategically plan when to buy a one-way single ticket. Traveling around in Paris should be done in the metro because a majority of restaurants and places locate themselves towards the exits. Even using the metro for a few days makes it easier to adapt to the different culture. The reason is because public transportation within Paris is a large system utilized by the majority of the population. It is the essence of Parisian city culture.




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