Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling

Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling.

Traveling could be stressful at times especially when it comes to packing, going to the airport, and adventuring around the city. So here is a list of things to do and not to do for a smoother traveling experience.

DO wear comfortable clothing when going to the airport.

Going through security check is not a fun task when traveling. It takes time and could be quite stressful for many. Therefore, to make your airport check-in process checkup go faster remember to wear things that don’t contain any type of metal this includes jewelry or belts, wear shoes that are slip on, and lastly, wear a pullover since it is flexible and you can move comfortably around the plane

DO research the weather and what type of clothing you should wear to the designated city you are traveling to.
Some cities have a reputation of spontaneous rain through-out the day. Therefore, it would be a good idea to bring an umbrella or even a raincoat if the rain targets you at any time. Or on the opposite side, if it is a place with tropical weather, don’t forget to bring enough sunblock and light clothed to protect you from the sun.


DO remember to bring snacks.
You never know when you will be hungry during the flight. So, pack snacks accordingly to the hours of your flight. Also, take a refillable water bottle. Remember that liquids are not allowed therefore it must be empty before you go thru security.

DO be open to trying new food.

As human beings, we are monogamously attached to go the same places. Remember that the point of traveling is to try new flavors that you would not try at home. So, leave McDonalds and Subway behind, they could wait to be eaten once you back home.

DO NOT over pack.

The perks about traveling is that you get to see different types of clothing and items that you cannot find at home. Therefore, don’t pack a lot. You will regret it. So, pack as lightly as you can so you can take any type of memorandum with you back home.

DO NOT paid for guided tours.

If you want to the have the experience of traveling, paying for a tour guide to take you around the various attractions will not do the trick. They could be expensive and for the most part you do not get to the real city within. Leave the paid tours and go to the alternative of exploring the city with the public transportation that the city should offer. Just remember to do your research on what places to go and not to go. Some city neighborhoods could be quite sketchy and you could put yourself in uncomfortable situations that could be risky.


Finally, DO remember that this should be an experience of a life time that not many individuals can accomplish. So, DO explore the city, DO eat different food and DO enjoy the time while you are there.





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