Do’s and Don’ts

As you prepare for your trip to Paris you may be wondering what exactly you should bring, as well as the do’s and dont’s you should be following when you arrive. The most important thing you will need is warm clothing. I recommend bringing multiple thick jackets. Also, come prepared to furnish your own bathroom with personal hygiene products. It will be easier to already have them on you on the first day because flight delays may cause you to arrive very late at night. Bring in addition, euros because you will want to go shopping for food and water the next day. The apartment only has basic necessities like a roll of toilet paper and kitchen silverware.

When you arrive in Paris please keep the following in mind.
Take pictures of everything and everywhere you travel
Always be prepared with warm clothing
Carry an umbrella
Consider traveling outside of Paris on your weekends (flights to London are around 30-40€ one way)
When you arrive buy a metro pass
Buy groceries if you want to save money
Buy lots of water bottles when you arrive. You will find it is hard to drink water when you are out
The metro can be confusing, use your google maps app. It tells you exactly which metros to use
Be aware of pick pocketing and keep valuables close to you
Bring electricity conversion outlets

Talk too loud on the metro
Put valuables in your backpack
Be late, expect metro problems
Look to much like a tourist
Bring vans or bad walking shoes
Tip, tips are included in the prices at restaurants
Be loud in your apartments, walls are paper thin
Bring hair dryers


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